Display Sponsorship

Display Sponsorship

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The Ucluelet Aquarium is a non profit society. As such, we rely on the generousity of our sponsors to provide educational programs, conservation work, and job training to visitors, our community, and local youth.

Did you know that over the summer months, the Ucluelet Aquarium sees over 30,000 visitors? When you sponsor a display,  you help contribute to the upkeep, stocking, regular cleaning, and feeding of that tank. As the season evolves, as do the creatures in our tanks - making every visit a unique one! By sponsoring a display for one season (March - December), we will affix a plaque to the display with your logo or name, acknowledge your contribution on our website and on our social media platforms. 


Touch Tanks and Area Displays

West Gallery

  • Jewel Tank Display - Remote Passages
  • Rectangular Corner Tank - Ucluelet First Nation
  • Cube #1 - Brooding Anemones - Brad Wiewel Law Firm and Associates
  • Cube #2 - Plumose Anemones-  Rudan Family 
  • Cube #3 - Wolf Eel - Pajo's Fish and Chips
  • Cube #4 - Swimming Anemones - Will Daugherty
  • Rockfish Tank - Blackrock Oceanfront Resort
  • Octopus Tank - Barbara and Harry Lee
  • Giant Barnacles - The Calgary Foundation - Aimee Beddoe Memorial Fund
  • Decorator Crabs - Pina 

All adoptions are recognized by a plaque on the display identifying your name or business. For more information about funding or support, please email us.

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